Melt the Fly showreel 2019

Here's a flavour of what Melt The fly’s been up to in our first year. We utilise production technology to capture moments in their most inspiring and effective light, whether that’s through a motion time lapse, an interview set-up or getting the drone airborne, we like to keep it interesting. Shots are taken from:


A short-form documentary about upcycling Pianos into a theatre space, a process which wasn’t always black and white. A wonderful idea conjured up by the minds of Tim Vincent-Smith and Matt Wright.

Sink or Skim

Our 30 min documentary for BBC Scotland. With the coveted title of World Champion and the first ever Guinness world record up for grabs, Sink or Skim delves deep into what it takes to be 'Top Tosser' in the biggest year in the history of the sport.

Os Mutantes Documentary

Talking head with a talking head. We shot an interview with David Byrne in collaboration with a Brazilian crew who’re developing a documentary about 60’s Psychedelic Tropicalia band, Os Mutantes.

Post Fender

Some lovely clean corporate pack shots. Post Fender was designed by the brilliant locally based Craig Mcarthur.

Sessions & Sail

A docu-promo through the hebrides, exploring the traditional pairing of sailing and Scottish Trad Music. Renowned Fiddle player Barry Nisbett runs the musical voyage.

Music kindly provided by Jamie Grashion. Track - Exploding Pineapples


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We specialise in creative storytelling. Good narratives hide in plain sight but it takes a sharp eye to recognise them. Our work means researching a subject from every intersection. By distilling it down to its essence and rebuilding it, we create a theatrical and cinematic experience for the viewer. We have full broadcast capabilities. We want to take projects from pitch to delivery so please let us know if you have a project that requires filming, whether it’s creative or commercial. Although we like to get involved from the beginning of an idea, we can jump on board at any time, get us a buzz for Camera Operator, Drone Pilot, Timelapse and Producer services, equally for Post-Production send us for edits and colour grading jobs.

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